Roller Shades

We have a great and impressive range of roller shades. You will find a perfect choice for your each window and room interior. Our each Roller shade oozes with style. And every kind is easy to operate. You will find beautiful colours and designs to satisfy your choice, varying from classic, to modern and elegant. Then, there are choices in the field of finishes and working of shades. We offer you rich choices in quality fabric, from dark to sheer.

The various types of roller shades match your different needs. Blackout Roller shades are your privacy need, Sheer Roller shades ensure smooth and soft light, Nano Roller shades are fit for small windows and doors with tilting or turning glass fittings.

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Blackout Roller Shade

Blackout Roller Shades

Our Blackout Roller shades are simple and modern solution to improve privacy and sunlight control. Available in both weaved and non-weaved fabric. You can darken a bedroom or bathroom to get a required level of privacy. You can decide the amount of light in a room. There is certainly a match for your room decor from the versatile variety.

Sheers Roller Shades

Sheers Roller Shades

Our sheer roller shades put light and outside view control in your hands. The construction of our sheer fabric distributes the exterior light of the glaring sun in an even way. You can manipulate your day hours. Besides, blending beauty with the setting of the room, the sheer shades sieve radiance, intensity of light and UV.

Screen Roller Shades

Screen Roller Shades

The Screen Roller Shades are known for easy working and sensible designs. These shades give you different levels of view-through ability, depending on your requirements. We have designed these shades to save your room settings from glare. The structure of screen helps you to keep the solar heat under check.

Nano Roller Shades

Nano Roller Shades

The Nano Roller Shades is a stylish shading system for small sized windows. This new design of roller shades works beautifully on tilting and turning windows. These are equally useful for glass windows embodied in doors. Quality is the salient feature of our fabric range. The fabric in Nano Roller Shades neither sags nor stretches.