Window Shades

We are pleased to offer exclusive collection of custom shades: roller, roman, woven woods, honeycomb, Pleated, Sheer Solaret and Sheer Elegance. We always produce high quality Window Shades In Dubai and to ensure the quality, every treatment is tested in our workplace earlier to deliver.

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Roman Shade

Roman Shades

The continuous folds are the distinguished feature of the Roman Shades. This type hides the cord in it to improve the looks. Its simplicity gives elegance and style of its own. There are plenty of options in fabrics, folding techniques, sizes and orientations. All these choices make Roman Shades an appropriate and a beautiful choice for your window covering. Tapes, trims and valances increase the splendour of your room one-step further. This window covering will beautify your every window, whether it is in a home or a workplace.

Roller Shade

Roller Shades

The Roller shades type is fit-for-purpose for all your window covering needs. Our roller shades are a fine combination of simplicity, ease of use, practicality and budget friendliness. Countless colours along with a variety of fabrics and patterns give the luxurious answer to your needs.

Woven wood shade

Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood shades can put on traditional or modern look to your room settings. The variety in finish and reeds make these appropriate for urban and countryside interiors alike. As regards appeal, these nature made woven shades blend the relaxing elements in the room aura. The choices in lining, edge bandings and valances results in exemplary beauty in interior decor.

Honeycomb Shade

Honeycomb Shades

The Honeycomb shades are a proven manner to keep the exterior heat out of your room in summer. The original cell construction retains the warmth inside a room in cold. The variations in size match not only your needs but also your artistic sense. Thus, this type is practical for large windows and sliding doors. This Honeycomb shade can muffle the outside noise as well.

pleated shade

Pleated Shades

The sharp style in pleated shades gives pleasant and contemporary touch to any room setting. This is emphasized by the variety in fabrics. The large pleats are themselves a means to manipulate the sunshine according to your taste and needs. The insulating sheer or semi-transparent fabric implies that cooling your interior spaces will not surge your power utility bills in the summer.

Sheer Solaret

Sheer Solaret

Sheer Solaret, the best source to enhance the beauty of your winodow, it makes daylight illuminate every part of your room for a great inside view.

Sheer Elegance

Sheer Elegance

Sheer Elegance gives you amazing appearance to your room, the sheer elegance material allows the dispersion of light in a uniform way without blocking the exterior view