Horizontal Shades And Blinds

We provide horizontal shades in the finest quality of wood, wood alternative and aluminium. The wide collection of slates, colours oozing with style, various paints and finishes make Horizontal Shading a jewel of a room setting. Then, there is a variety of decorative tapes. All these choice join hands to give a perfect appeal to your room.

You can even embody the soft appeal of your room by using a soft sheer type of fabric. This shading can be operated by four systems.

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Sheer Solaret

Sheer Solaret

The Sheer Solaret Horizontal Shades are meant for spaces that require even illumination. Two sheers in it give you an unprecedented control over daylight management. The shade quality takes away glaring property from the sunshine and passes light in a balance manner.

Sheer Elegance

Sheer Elegance

Sheer Elegance Shades are rather a way to make use of sheers. The material allows dispersion of light in a uniform way without blocking the exterior view. Privacy is also promised. Regarding appeal, the options are rather multiplied by installing cornices on these.

Wood Blind

Wood Blinds

Ideal choice for large windows, a wooden blind gives the elegant look to the room and these blinds are comes with real wood grains that gives the exotic look.