Window Treatments

Our concern serves your window covering needs with attractive products and first class service. Whether you take fancy to classic styles or favour innovative patterns to leave an impression on guests, our window coverings stand by you. Our wide-ranging stocks of blinds, shades, shutters, drapes and hardware are here to shape your decor according to your wishes. Besides, our designers are here to make up if there survives any deficiency or to help you in perfecting a room environment.

The decor of each room has its own requirements for appeal and uses. Our wide collection of 12 window covering presents window covering solution to each of your needs. The tidy and classic feel of Roller Shades adorns every room in your residence. Roman Shades is famous for its clean looks and charm of its soft folds.

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Wood Blind

Window Blinds

Gives the attractive look to your windows, browse our astonishing collection of window blinds, and includes wood blinds, vertical blinds and panel tracks.

Roller Shade

Window Shades

A stylish, simple and elegant way to decorate your window, we have unique range of roller, roman, woven woods, honeycomb, Pleated, Sheer Solaret and Sheer Elegance.

Sheer Solaret

Horizontal Shades & Blinds

Horizontal shading is one most popular approach. The sheer layers wonderfully co-work with fabric vanes to give a wonderful blend of the filtered sunshine and view-through qualities in this window treatment. Besides, this kind of window covering gives a soft, delicate, and dainty touch to the aura of any room.

Plantation Shutter

Plantation Shutters

The first class wood and matchless paint finish glamorize this kind of shutters, i.e., Plantation Shutters. Besides, there are made in other materials as well. Then, these shutters come with the child-safe characteristic. As regards styles, these are available in full height, café and tier on tier. These are suitable for French doors, room dividers, lower parts of windows, and for situations where you want to control each independently.

custom drapery


Drapery gives you several choices to decorate your room to next level. Drapes are available in cotton, silk, transparent, semi-transparent, blackout, velvet and linen. Variety in finishing of rods and tubes gives an extra touch of beauty. In addition, managing the amount of light controls the temperature in a room, without increasing the energy bill. It can reduce noise too.



The motorization in window coverings promises many advantages. Top of the list is the convenience in the form of pressing a button. The automated window coverings proffer privacy, energy savings and fun. The programmable closing and opening also means that your furniture, wall content, and even upholstery survives longer, etc.



We provide you a range of fabrics from a far famous brands, this source has a remarkable collection of modern and classic styles, patterns and pallets.