Seeking Inspiration Interior For Your Home

It is always a good idea to search other stores and stroll through the interiors of houses, offices and workplaces while on work trips or in free time. Home Stylo Home is a showroom in Dubai that offers all kind of home furnishing products, specialized in motorized blinds in Dubai.

Here are some of the ideas that can be used in homes, offices and stores as well.

The blending and contrasting of materials give a warm environment inside the home. There are curtains, concrete, furniture, cool wallpaper and parquet. For further deepening, the colors perfectly set with the wallpaper on the walls and floors.


Different Types Of Flooring

Another great idea used in the room is using two different types of flooring material like one portion is carpet covered and other is with Laminate Flooring, carpet floors definitely give a comfortable and warm environment to everyone around on broad staircases.

two type floor

Alcoves For Siting

Many designers have been using window alcoves for siting because it comes with the benefit of greater space and stylish look. However, the use of light here makes it a totally ethereal aspect of designing.


Lighting The Stairs

Lighting the stairs in recessive tone becomes the showstopper.

Staircase Light

Modern Fireplace

Drama, warmth and surprise come together to make the design exclusively customized. This fireplace is fixed in a totally surprising place however; the space is definitely saved. A leather couch with a book adds more drama and charm.


Shelves With Totally Different

Shelves are often used in interior designing. How about a totally different idea? These shelves are connected with stairs steps. Items, which often go out of control like show pieces and other accessories, can be easily kept organized within these shelves.