Professional Tips to Redesign Office and Workplace

Here are some of the exclusively professional and highly enchanted office and workspace design ideas. Analyze and get inspiration to brainstorm some ideas for your office as well. Here we go!

The Charm of Gray and White

Gray and white are always the colors of getting new ideas. They help you to seek more solutions for bigger problems. Here, the gray and white decor is meant for the person sitting on the chair. The backdrop with a message of ‘keeping calm’ helps him in stressful times. The blend of white with dim glow lights creates a highly wanted arm environment. The addition of window blinds are meant to let the bright light and ideas come in, you can order your window blinds in dubai at Home Stylo. Pictures, tables and lamps add the intellectual touch.


Expert and Professional Tips for Commercial Designers

  • Perceive a concept.
  • Design the desired atmosphere.
  • Decide colors.
  • Add style with less-famous furniture and decoration items.
  • Add spaces for free-moving.
  • Kick boring parts out and add interesting stuff.
  • Always design the room with two themes. The first theme should target serious personalities and the other part should be for fun-loving people. It will help the user in both types of moods.

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Add at least one luxurious piece of art.




The Next Inspiration – Working with Nature

Our next inspiration is a wooden lodge office which serves as a natural light provider. This great blend of modern and old provides a retro effect along with perfect supply of nature. This is a semi-open office with a large window that supplies oxygen, light and a beautiful view.


home office with windows desk

Expert and Professional Tips for Commercial Designers

Create a homely environment by the use of materials that are close to nature including glass, wood and concrete. Don’t rely on one theme only. Always add a touch of modernity and celebration with the help of Window Covering, decoration items and technological items etc.


modern roman shades - home office

The Purely Corporate Home-Office Interior

This project is a perfect illustration of how far you can go with contrasts. Here, very less money is used to bring in different unexpected colors and create surprising contrasts. Balance, quantity, patience, serenity, corporatism and elegance are the key features of this project.


elegant home office

Expert and Professional Tips for Commercial Designers

  • Always try new stuff.
  • Don’t work on safe-lines given by the client only. Play with more ideas.
  • Add surprise by thinking the unexpected concepts.
  • Try different colors.

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A beautiful and intricately designed floor can totally change the view and theme of your home-office. How about this Laminate Floor?


Laminate Flooring