How To Decorate Your Living Room

A living room is the most important part of a house, it reflects the personalities of the members living in the house.
In the past days usually we decorate our living rooms with grey cushions, larger couch, dusky table and dimming lamp. This living room seems to have space all decorating items but not for more people. So, here are some tips to revamp your living room.


The walls play a vital role to give the attractive and smooth look to the room. A small living room looks bigger, if you try the light color wallpaper on the walls and even on ceilings.

Window Treatments

Larger windows give the amazing impression to the room, for this effect let your window treatments to move towards the ceiling. It looks good.


Curtains should be long and cool in color, white curtains definitely quite difficult to maintain, but add they give the fascinating effect on your living room. White curtains also allow and add natural light in your room and add soft and cooling effect to your room.

Scaled Objects

Scaling objects could be ordered on the screens, large paintings, photo frames and patterns. These objects surely make a room look bigger and charm.

Color Coordination

The most important point, your living room decoration should be match with the color of your furniture, also coordinate with colors on the walls and with window covering. So, you need to do a little creative effort to decide what to do with what color to look good. For example, the lighter shades of green goes well with white.

Blooming Surfaces

Neat and plain surfaces make a small living room to grow into a wider area. If have a plain wall with you, you may very well add up to a huge mirror with some effects of artificial light. This treatment gives wider and richer effect for your living room.