Custom Furniture

Furniture is part and parcel of a home. To put it simply, no house can be considered complete without various pieces of furniture. It is the furniture with that you organize space in your paradise in this corporeal world and decide the usage and purpose of each room.

Besides, you can allot functions to each room by means of furniture. We help you in maintaining the balance of functionality and beauty. We have a match for your classic and modern needs. Our dark wood, white and oak furniture collections provide a match for needs of every part of your home, from the hallway to the kitchen.

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Classic Furniture

Classic Furniture

Our classic furniture gives everlasting beauty to a home. The range of timber, finish and design makes a center of attention. The variety in classic furniture assures that every room can a bride like a makeover.



The word home invokes something soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating. A comfortable, appealing and stylish bed plays an important part in giving the typical qualities to a home. We are confident that our beds are good enough to do all the above-stated functions for you.



Your second most regular activity is spending time on a sofa, either by watching TV, reading a book or having chitchat. This is where it concerns to our sofa collection. Our range of sofas makes your sitting experience enjoyable and refreshing. The choices do magic in the decorating rooms and elevating their value.

Dining Set

Dining Sets

It is so delightful to sit, savour the meal, and get pleasure from the company of loved ones daily. We make it possible with our dining sets. Our dining sets make admirable use of your money and space. The collection graces kitchens and dining tables, gives the immaculate feel, displays your taste and embellishes your abode.



Put your clothes in a modern or classic wardrobe as you may please. Each wardrobe is a demonstration of superb skills of making and space utilization. You can choose the appearance according to your budget, the taste of occupants, and space.


Side Boards

Our each sideboard is more than a mere storage solution. It is a piece of beauty and manifestation of the excellent use of space in a most convenient approach. Our collection includes modern, avant-garde and classic sideboards. Besides, there are considerable choices of colour, material, size and storage.

Kids Room

Kids Room

We have an impressive range of bedding and accessories like wallpaper, customize cabinets and furniture. We infuse the fun element in the bedding time of your children and teenagers with our inventory.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Now you can design your kitchen that you imagine. We are specialized in traditional and contemporary style kitchen cabinets with counter’s storage system and Italian style sliding doors.